I have been absorbed by music all my life.  My siblings joined the Columbia Record Club in the early 1970’s when I was in my early teens.  My sister bought records by Carol King, James Taylor and Neil Young and then my brother bought albums by Jethro Tull and Yes and I went on to discover Genesis on my own.

Of course, all along, I was exposed to the British Invasion of music by The Who, The Rolling Stones and, most importantly, The Beatles.

I went on to teach myself how to play cover songs of The Beatles and all these other artists and developed skills on writing songs of my own design.

Here is a cover of In My Life by The Beatles:


Life Songs – I have written many songs over the years.  Most are like greeting cards of life events for my mom, and the birth of my son, my wife and my friends.  I will link all of these songs below under the album title of Life Songs.

The first song I wrote after listening learning to play and sing by ‘absorbing’ all of those artists from the 70’s is a musical suite called “Life Songs”

The Factory Songhttps://cloud.networked.community/s/2q4799omtT9Pfek

Human Union – some of my most recent exposure has been to collaborate with a group of like minded folks who want to “change the world”.  I was inspired to write this little tune (my first in many years) called “Human Union”


Check out my wife Jeannie’s wonderful art creations at the link below:

Jeannie Bee Arts